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We are pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned, more user-friendly company website.  We have simplified the shopping process and have added interactive features that we think will make visiting the site a more engaging experience for our friends and customers.  We invite you to take a tour and then let us know what you think.  We look forward to receiving your feedback (and your recipes).

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  1. Pat B.

    I demo Dell’Amore Marinara Sauce and wanted to share some of the comments I have recieved. My favorites are from children.
    ~ I’m literally in heaven now! Mary12 y.o.
    ~ It’s everything I ever wanted! Just like my Nonni’s who was born in Italy. Magan 9 1/2 y.o.
    ~ NOW, I like tomato sauce. Lauren 13 y.o.
    Other comments:
    ~ When my Italian in-laws- come to dinner, I will be using Dell’Amore and hiding the jar.
    ~ This is the first time in my life I have ever bought jarred sauce. I am Italian and always make my own but this is just as good as mine.

    I wish I had a video of the customers faces when they taste Dell’Amore. It really has a “WOW factor”.

    • Dave Dell'Amore

      Thanks for much for writing us with all of those wonderful comments! And, of course a big thank you for the incredible job that you do each time you demo for Dell’Amore. Hope all is well.

  2. Barbara

    I ran into Pat this past week at the Costco in Wheaton, MD. She started her spiel and I was captivated by her. We had an instant connection. She suggested I try it and as I glanced down into my cart she saw the 6 jars I had in it. I told her I am and always will be a HUGE fan of the DellÄmore products. A friend of mine who only makes her own sauce walked by and we chatted. I told her she had to try this one. She reluctantly tried the sample and loved it. You have many real gems in your business most especially your product but Pat is the shining star. Please keep her coming back to Wheaton. Can you post when you will be at my Costco so that I can make a special trip to visit your display and see Pat again and stock up on the DellÁmore sauce.

    • Dave Dell'Amore

      Barbara , Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice post! We sure appreciate your comments about Dell’Amore products AND Pat! We are extremely fortunate to have her with us. With her love and passion for Dell’Amore — and of course her great personality– she truly works magic at Costco demos! So much so that we’ve nicknamed her Wonder Woman . Unfortunately , it may be a little while before she’s back in Wheaton, but we’ll be sure to let you know.

  3. Pat - Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    I travel to Costco when Dell’Amore Premium Marinara is being demoed. I thoroughly enjoy meeting our regular buyers and the first time tasters. The highlight of my day is interacting with the children. I love their comments and expressions. Recently, I traveled to Riverhead, Long Island, Norwalk and Milford CT. Here are some of their comments after tasting Dell’Amore Marinara.

    Literally the BEST!–Dori, 11
    WOW! Tastes like Grandma’s.–Aria, 11
    It’s good, GREAT and my grand mom is Italian.–Adelaide, 8
    Warm and soothing. Tastes really good going down. I can’t believe it is out of a bottle.–Macy,11*
    YUM!!–Devyn, 7
    Mom you gotta taste this. It is so GOOD!!–Ashley, 11
    I like the sauce. Delicious! I’m going to try it on tortilla chips.–Cassidy, 9 (W. Haven, CT)

    Lauren, 10 picked up a sample and followed her mom down the aisle. After tasting it, she ran back to the demo cart to pick up a two pack to purchase. I asked her what she thought of it. Lauren”s response was, “Oh my God”!

    *Macy, you have a trained palate. Would becoming a chef be in your future?

  4. Pat B.

    I met 11 year old Sam at Milford Costco recently. It really surprised his mom that he like “jarred” sauce. Mom always makes her own. Mom is thinking about taking some on a camping trip this summer. Nice meeting you Sam.

    • Pat B.

      Sam, I just found my notes with your quote, “WOW! It’s really good. It taste like homemade”.
      Enjoy camping this summer.

  5. Pat B., Sales Rep for Dell'Amore

    While at the Bridgewater Costco today, I had the pleasure of meeting seven great kids who loved our sauce. Here are their comments.

    We love it! It is so good. Claire, – 10 y.o.
    Awesome! Ben, – 8 y.o. (Claire’s brother)
    Delicious! I wish I could have a billion of these!, Slade, – 8 y.o.
    Yummy! Eat it on Pita. – Lorena, 7 y.o.
    Really good.- Nathan, 11

    Nathan’s sister, Charlotte, 8 y.o. didn’t want to try Dell’Amore Marinara. She was use to her Italian grandmom’s sauce. After I told her it would make Luigi (our chef bear) happy and he would sing Amore` to her if she would taste it, Charlotte gave it a try. Needless to say, she was hooked. She asked for seconds. Luigi and I were very happy that you returned later for another sample.

    This is really good. Tastes like real tomatoes. It is just so good. It is like I am at a restaurant. – Emily 10 y.o.

    ~It is really good. Nathan 11 y.o.

  6. Pat B. Sales Rep,

    Kids say the cutest things. Thanks for sharing your comments with Luigi and me.

    Emily, 7 y.o. – I never liked red sauce til this one. Emily enjoyed three samples.
    Luke – I like the sauce.
    Dylan, 4 y.o. – I like the singing bear.
    Tristan A., 11 y.o – It’s really good. Taste like my Daddy’s margarita sauce.
    Magizh, 6 y.o. – I love it.
    Iniyan, 4 y.o. – I love it. Can I have more please?
    Victoria, 8 y.o. – Very good. Let’s get some
    Gearson, 11 y.o. – Really good. Goes really good with bread.

    Abigail, 9 y.o. – It’s really good.
    Abigail, thanks for the hug when I said that you reminded me of my granddaughter, Jules, who I was missing.

    Ashton, 12 y.o. – Really strong and sweet. Definitely good for pasta.
    Ashton, you were so polite and appreciative when offered samples three times. I am glad you love Dell’Amore. I was so touched when you came back to say goodbye and gave me a hug. You are so special. I hope to see you again in a few months when I return to Bridgewater.

  7. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Kids love Dell’Amore. Here are a few of their comments from Bridgewater Costco.

    “This is awesome! Let’s buy it.” Aarav 6 y.o.
    “A very good sauce .” Joanna 9 y.o.

  8. Pat, Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    I had the pleasure of meeting so many nice members while assisting the demo at the Robinson (Pittsburgh) Costco on June 24, 2016.
    Kids you really tug at my heart with your enthusiasm and comments when you taste Dell’Amore Marinara. Here is what you had to say:
    “It’s really good in my stomach. It’s very good! Everyone should try this.” ~ Cole 8 y.o.
    “It is delicious and I love it. Definitely buy it.” ~ Holland 9 y.o.
    “Very yummy! I don’t usually like a lot of red sauce.” ~ Tiffany 8 y.o.
    “It’s delicious!” ~Katie 7 y.o.
    “It’s good.” ~ Sophia 6 y.o.
    “It’s good.” ~ Evangeline 4 y.o.

    Liam, 10 years old, tasted Dell’Amore and loved it. So his mom put some in her shopping cart. Liam picked up another two pack, put it in the cart and said, “We need two, Mom.”

    AJ, 10 years old, didn’t want to try a sample since he doesn’t like tasting new food. I am glad you decided to taste Dell’Amore after your sister tried it and loved it. You made me smile when you ate three samples.

    • John Freeman

      We got to this point and read some of the comments. It looks as if you are famous.

  9. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Kids thanks for all your great comments. It was so nice meeting you at Robinson Costco on Saturday and Sunday, June 25 & 26. Here’s what you had to say:
    I love it! My tastebuds are tingling right NOW!!! — Luca
    Very Yummy!! I don’t usually like a lot of red sauce. — Tiffany 8 y.o.
    It’s delicious! — Katie 7 y.o.
    It is good! — Sophia 6 y.o. (Katie’s sister)
    It’s good. — Evangeline 4 y.o. (Katie’s sister)
    It’s really good in my stomach and it’s very good. Everyone should try this. — Cole 8 y.o.
    OUTSTANDING! Very flavorful, not too tomatoey! –Sarah 10 y.o.

    AJ 10 y.o. You told me you don’t like tasting new food. After I convinced you try our sauce, you ate three.
    That put a smile on my face.

    LIam, 10 y.o. tasted Dell’Amore and told his mom he loved it. She put a 2 pack in the shopping cart.
    Liam put another in the cart and said, “We need two mom.”

    (Piper, I loved your comment and have told so many people what you said.)


    Five yr. old Heidi’s mom asked her if she liked the sauce. I heard her say loudly,
    “I don’t like it, I LOVE IT!!!!” (Heidi my little granddaughter use to say that.).

    Speaking of my granddaughter…..if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our Facebook page and see a video of 7 yr old Jules telling everyone about Dell’Amore Marinara. So Cute!

  10. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    I wish I had a video of the kids faces when they tasted Dell’Amore Premium Marinara at Montgomeryville Costo today, June 30.

    “This is GOOD!” — MARLEY, 9 1/2 y.o..

    “It’s AWESOME!” — Anthony, 9 y.o.


  11. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Kid’s Comments, Saturday, July 16, 016 at New Britain, CT

    “This is worth buying” – Ryan 8 y.o.
    “It’s amazing” – Molly 6 y.o.

    John’s dad says that 3 1/2 yr old John doesn’t like red sauce. John tastes Dell’Amore Marinara and says, “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!” Then John, 3 1/2 y.o. starts singing, “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, Yum!”

  12. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Kid’s Comments, Sunday, July 17, 2016 at New Britain, CT

    “This is the BEST and my mommy and grandma are Italian!” – Mario, 8 y.o.

    As this adorable little girl tasted Dell’Amore Marinara her eyes got large and her smile big and she responded “It’s really good.” – Valentina

    Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at New Britain, CT

    “This is the best sauce I’ve had and it’s flavorful.” – Charles, 10 y.o.
    “It taste fantastic!!” – Kira, 7 y.o.
    “This is the best sauce I’ve ever had!” – Emma, 14 y.o.
    “It I so good!” – Evan, 6 y.o.
    “This sauce is so good.” – Adraianna Salvados, 11 y.o
    “I don’t like tomatoes, but I enjoyed this sauce a lot!” – Melissa, 12 y.o.
    “I usually don’t like marinara sauce, but I like this one! It was GREAT!” Delicious – Amanda, 10 y.o.
    “I would DRINK this sauce! It’s so GOOD!” – Alexa, 9 y.o.

    “Delicious sauce, good on my homemade pasta.” – Gianna, 10 y.o.
    “WOW….Gianna, how terrific that you learned to make your own pasta recently.” Pat

  13. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    I met 9 year old Jack at Waltham, Costco today. He loved Dell’Amore, and thought it was delicious and flavorful and asked his mom to buy some, which she gladly did.

  14. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Saturday, at the Waltham Costco I heard these words, after Christina, 9 years old tasted Dell’Amore…….
    “Mmmm, it’s so good! I can even eat the sauce plain!”
    I agree Christina. Some of our fans eat it right out of the jar.

  15. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Comments from enthusiastic kids on Sunday, at Waltham Costco

    “It is the best sauce ever. I really like it.” – Davey, 6 y.o.

    “This would be awesome on angel hair!” – Noah, 10 y.o.

    “I want my spaghetti to have this sauce.” – Jay or Joe, 10 y.o. (Noah’s brother)

    “I have a case of the yummies!” “I love it” – Chloe, 7 y.o.

  16. Pat. B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep

    Colchester, VT Costco July 28, Thursday.

    “WOW!! Really Delicious.” John

    It’s the best sauce EVER! It taste so good, almost out of this universe.” – Caleb, 10 y.o.

    (I never eat jarred sauce, this is so good.” (Sorry I misplaced your name)

  17. Pat. B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep

    Friday, July 30, 2016
    Most of the comments I post are from children but sometimes adults say the cutest things.

    After tasting Dell’Amore Marinara, Charlie, 79 had this to say:
    “I think I’m not going to grow tomatoes any more.” Charlie has been gardening since the age of 6.
    Why grow tomatoes when you can eat Dell’Amore?

    Wyatt’s mom had this to say, “my son turns 2 today and loved this sauce so much he was eating it with his fingers after his bread was gone! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY WYATT!

  18. Pat B. , Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Today at Costco Columbia, MD I had the pleasure meeting so many nice members and three children who stand out with their comments after they tasted Dell’Amore Premium Marinara.

    “It is so good. If I got it on my clothes I would lick it off!”. ~ Sophie, 5 y.o.

    “Mom you have to get it. You have to get it! Are we going to get it Momma?” ~ Obada, 6 y.o.

    Obada’s older brother Zane, 11 y.o. Said, “No offense mom but it is better than yours”. You have a special mom Zane. She bought some for you and Onada.

  19. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.

    Comments from kids and adults at Columbia Costco August 5, 6, & 7 after tasting Dell’Amore Marinara

    “If I got it on my clothes I would lick it off!” – Sophie, 9 y.o.

    “Momma you have to get it. You have to get it. Are we getting it Momma.” – Obada, 6 y.o.

    “No offense Mom but it is better than yours.” – Zane, 11 y.o.

    “It is so good, I’ll bring it everywhere.” – Jeremiah, 8 y.o.

    “Give it a 10 out of 10. If I was on a cruise3 ship I’d it this instead of all the other food.” – Jeremiah, 12 y.o.

    Four year old Cole’s mom say, “he loves this sauce but hates everything!”

    “The best team any company can have: Pat with Cindy at Costco – product, energy, personality & encouragement. You make Smiles…& Sales!”, Michael Alloy


    Dad says Robert, 10 doesn’t like red sauce. I ask Robert to just try Dell’Amore. After tasting it, this is what he said,” It’s so Good! Is this even legal?”


    Maria, from Silver Springs, who was born in Italy, tasted Dell’Amore and was so impressed with the authentic Italian taste she bought some and said it wasn’t worth making her own anymore when she can buy Dell’Amore.

    Luis, a Realtor also Italian born, really enjoyed Dell’Amore Marinara. Luis purchased some making him the 23rd Italian born to buy Dell’Amore from me, in my travels to Costco.

  20. Pat B.

    Today at Frederick, MD Costco I had the pleasure of meeting some adorable kids. Below are their comments. I hope to see you on my next visit. You guys are SUPER!
    “It’s spectacular!” – Brayden, 10 y.o.
    “It’s my favorite!” – Emma, 5 3/4 y.o.
    “It is awesome!!! – Olivia, 8 y.o.

    Luigi convinced another child (Sophia) to try Dell’Amore even though she didn’t like any sauce or pizza. GREAT JOB LUGI! Sophia & Olivia enjoyed Luigi riding around the store with them while he serenaded them with “Amore”. Here is Sophia’s comment below:

    “I don’t like pizza or spaghetti – never eat the stuff! I don’t even like tomatoes. But Luigi asked me to try this sauce. I did and I loved it. I even ate more than one sample.” – Sophia, 7 y.o.

  21. Pat B.

    Lawrence Twp Costco recently opened and the members are so glad Dell’Amore Premium Marinara is in the new Costco. One member was traveling an hour to Warminster Bucks County, PA to get his Dell’Amore. I hope you will stop in to Lawrence Twp. Costco and have a sample or two. The kids all love Dell’Amore. Here are some of there comments:

    It is so good! It is to die for! – Violet, 5
    This sauce is awesome. It tastes so good. Now I know why they got the Woman’s Choice Award! – Liam, 8
    So good I even drank it! – Luca, 7
    This is SO good!! I would love this on mozzarella sticks. – Jack, 9
    If I was a chef, I would use it for all my recipes. – Donovan, 8
    This is my #1 favorite sauce! – Tanya, 9

  22. Pat B.

    Today at Lawrence Twp. Costco I met 8 year old Kaiden who loved our sauce and commented, “if I could, I would bring it to heaven!

  23. Pat B.

    Lawrence Twp., NJ – Three more enthusastic kids comments.

    Tastes Great! – William, 5
    The best! I can’t even describe it. – Nicky, 9
    If I could, I would bring it to heaven! – Kaided, 8

  24. Pat B.

    Lawrence Twp. NJ
    The best! I can’t even describe it. – Nicky, 9
    Tastes Great! – William, 5
    If I could, I would bring it to heaven! – Kaiden, 8

  25. Pat B.

    Lawrence Twp., NJ

    The best! I can’t even describe it. – Nicky, 9
    Tastes Great! – William, 5
    If I could, I would bring it to heaven! – Kaiden, 8

  26. Pat B.

    King of Prussia, PA

    It’s really good! – Brandon, 6 y.o.

    This is my favorite food!! – Anna, 8 y.o.

  27. Pat B. Dell'Amore Sales Rep.


    I hear a lot of wonderful comments when members taste Dell’Amore Marinara. The biggest compliment of all is when someone who was born and raised in Italy and now lives in the U.S.A., samples our sauce and says it tastes very authentic. Although, they make their own sauce, they buy Dell’Amore.

    Today, on Sunday, January 15, 2017, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting three very special people, Melina and her friends Anna and Mauricio who grew up in Italy and now live here. Their purchase of Dell’Amore was extra special because they were the 25th Italian-born to purchase sauce at one of my demos.


    Mom says that 3 year old Kennedy NEVER eats spaghetti because she doesn’t like sauce. After a little coaxing from Luigi the singing bear, Kennedy not only tasted the sauce but licked the cup clean to get every drop of Dell’Amore.

    “You can really taste the fresh tomatoes.” “If I was able to choose one food for my whole life, it would be this sauce. – Jane, 10 y.o.

    “If had any food to choose, it would be this food.” – Jill, 6 y.o. (Jane’s little sister)

  28. Pat B.

    Allentown Costco – our first demo at the new Costco and terrific response from members. Here are some from the kids.

    “I’ve never been this excited about sauce before!” – Cortney, 17 y.o.
    Cortney, your face said it all!

    “It goes with everything!” – Saniya, – 7 y.o.

    “I never eat ANY sauce, but I love this one. – Nik, 9 y.o.

    “I would like to eat it all day long.” – Gavin, 6 y.o.

    “I want to eat this pasta sauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner!” – Sasha, 8 1/2 y.o.

    “If I had any food to choose, it would be this food!” – Jill, 6 y.o. Sister of Sasha

  29. Pat B.

    Lawrence Twp., NJ Last weekend I met Zachary and his mom who said that he rates all the samples with a number system. Thanks for the 9.5 rating Zachary.

    “I think the sauce tastes good and I rate it a 9.5.” – Zachary, 10 y.o.

  30. Pat. B.

    Flemington, NJ Costco – Comments from 3 terrific kids.

    “it’s like the BEST cooking ever! – Charlize, 7 y.o.

    “I am a cook and I even thing this is better than Bobby Flay!” – Avery Koser, 11 y.o.
    Avery, I hope your love of cooking continues. . My son started cooking at 7 1/2 years old and is an Executive Chef. – Pat

    If I ever go to Italy or France, I’m bringing Dell’Amore Pasta Sauce with me.” – Bryan, 9 y.o.

  31. Pat B.

    Bucks. Co. Costco

    My son Morrison, age 6 doesn’t usually like red sauce. He tasted it, gave an enthusiastic thumbs up and said, “I love it”!!!!! He wanted to hold the jars of sauce. Luigi took a ride with him in our shopping cart. The sauce really is delicious.
    Morrison, thank you for the big hug. You are very special. Pat

    Audrey, age 9, thinks Dell’Amore is not only delicious but the best sauce she ever had.
    Thanks, Audrey. Pat

  32. Pat B.

    Montgomeryville Costco

    “This sauce and bread was really good and I want my mom to buy it. And I would say it is the best food in Costco.” – Kabir

  33. Pat B.

    Flemington Costco, March 11 & 12, 2017

    This is my favorite Costco to Demo Dell’Amore. Mike the G.M. and AJ the assistant manager are Great to work with. I have met so many special members. Here are some of the kids comments.

    “I liked it and I don’t usually like sauce!” – Elise, 9 y.o.
    “It was so good, I want to buy more.” – Mackenzie, 9 y.o.
    “At first I didn’t wanna try it but then I tried it and it’s really good.” – Addison, 8 y.o.
    “This is so good and I don’t even like tomatoes.” – Jake, 8 y.o.
    “This is the freshest sauce. Taste just like mom’s!” – Ethan, 9 y.o & Aubrey 5 y.o.
    “It’s not good. It’s GREAT!!” – Aileen, 7 y.o.
    “AMAZING! Tastes like the homemade sauce of my family friend from Italy.” – Sarah, 16 y.o.
    “It’s not good. It’s not great. It’s AWESOME!!!!” – Rylan, 6 y.o.

    “So Yummy! I was drinking it. I had three samples. Luigi rode around the store in the shopping cart with me, singing AMORE.” – Sierra, 6 y.o.

    “I LOVE this sauce! It is so flavorful. It is insanely delicious. The flavor of this sauce is so sweet and delicious.” – Christina, 11 y.o.

    “It is FANTASTIC!!! It is so good. I love it. To be honest with you, I have other sauces. This one is 10 times BETTER! I could eat it every day. It is so good. It’s not just delicious; I could eat it ALL DAY! – Meaghan, 13 y.o.

  34. Pat B.

    Concordville Costco – April 1 & 2. Costco management here are so supportive. I love demoing here.

    “My taste buds are satisfied, it is a delicious marinara sauce.” – LIam, 14 y.o.
    Liam was happy Dell’Amore Marinara isn’t chunky.

  35. Pat B.

    Leesburg, VA Costco

    “Heavenly!” – Mohammad Nawal The look on your face said it all!


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