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The flavors you can choose are:

Original: A perfect blend of vine-ripened tomatoes, pure Italian olive oil, chopped garlic and spices. Grandmother Filomena’s famous sauce.

Spicy: Some like it hot! A secret blend of fresh herbs and spices, and great sauce for dipping mozzarella or zucchini sticks.

Sweet Basil and Garlic: Fresh basil is a main-stay of Southern Italian cooking and easily recognizable for its fresh, savory flavor.

Romana: A hearty blend of tender artichoke hearts, savory capers, tomatoes and spices, perfect for vegetarian lasagna!

  • 25 Ounces
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Dimensions 13.5 x 19.5 x 15 cm


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Select any combination of 6 jars of 25oz Premium Marinara Sauces.

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Original Recipe

The recipe that our grandmother, Filomena, brought with her from Italy. A classic that enhances all variety of pasta.

Spicy Recipe

Similar to our Original recipe with just the right amount of ground red pepper to add a nice spicy kick. The perfect flavor for those looking for a delicious zesty marinara!

Sweet Basil & Garlic Recipe

Four-star restaurant quality, this sauce is very fresh tasting and uses fresh frozen organic basil and lots of fresh garlic.

Romana Recipe

A taste of heaven on earth. It’s the perfect sauce for a tasty vegetarian lasagna! Available in 16oz and 25oz jars.

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