Betty Conyers (Salisbury, MD)

“I first noticed Dell’ Amore pasta sauces in the Philadelphia Italian Market over 30 years ago…and I have been ordering from the company ever since! This brand is not available in our small town, but it is worth seeking out! Dell’Amore provides excellent customer service, so ordering has always been very efficient. My teen agers loved these sauces when they were still at home, I sent them cases when they moved into their first apartments in college, and we have now nourished 8 grandchildren on pasta with Original Dell’Amore Sauce. Spicy Recipe is our other favorite. I am an avid cook, but it is wonderful to have a few convenient products that taste so homemade! I feel that Dell’Amore provides healthy choices, and I appreciate that they are also lower in sodium than other brands. I like the recipes and the texture of the sauces as well…fresh tasting, not too chunky. They are also very versatile, and I often add meats or seafood for variety. Dell’Amore is the only commercial pasta sauce I will use…it is delicious!”

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