Christina LaBuzetta (11/24/22)

I first tasted the sauce when Frank was making Filamena’s pizza at the Monopole in Plattsburgh NY
There was the same photo of Filamena on the wall in the kitchen

I moved back to Florida – missing the sauce. One day I was in Publix grocery store and caught that Image out of the corner of my eye and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I have been buying it ever since then (often hard to find in Publix).

It is way better than any sauce – homemade, store-bought or in a restaurant. Since I am Italian-American, people want to take me to Italian restaurants – most are not good and none – even the expensive ones have a sauce like this!

Keep making it, Frank! Get it in more Publix stores and onto the middle shelves. It is often on the very top or very bottom.

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