Donna G. (New Jersey)

Dell’Amore is the only marinara sauce my husband and I can eat. Your sauce is the only one that is easy on our digestive systems because it is less acidic and not too spicy. Every other sauce (and we’ve tried them all) gives us acid indigestion and other digestive discomfort. Also, Dell’Amore marinara sauce actually tastes like real tomatoes. Every other brand of marinara sauce tastes like a jar full of Italian spices, which always overwhelms the tomato taste. Dell’Amore is the best. We sometimes add sauteed onions and a little ground beef to it, which can’t be beat. It’s also really good in recipes like meatloaf and any other recipe that call for tomatoes. Dell’Amore makes it possible for us to eat Italian again…and more often! We just absolutely love this product.

Thank you Dell’Amore!

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