Jack Flood

Dear Mr. Dell’Amore,

My wife and I lived in lived Waltham Vermont for 12 years. Upon retirement, we moved back to Connecticut to be closer to our 8 grandchildren. Over those 12 years, we greatly enjoyed your sauce. It was the closest in taste to the homemade sauce my Italian aunt Josephine taught my Irish mother to make. Needless to say, we stock up on it every time we go back to visit friends in Middlebury. I did google searches for Dell’ Amore but unfortunately, the nearest seller, Costco is over 35 miles away.

Realizing the difficulty of getting space in large chain stores, the Connecticut market for premium food items is extremely large. Especially in the small privately owned gourmet food establishments.

So until stores realize how good your sauce is, we will be sure to always stock up on our trips!

Thank you.

Jack Flood

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