Linda (Fort Washington, PA)

I wanted to write and thank you for creating the best pasta sauce. My family has had many different pasta sauces, including my own “gravy” which is grandmom Rita’s recipe and cooks for over 4 hours. By far your Dell’Amore sauce is the best we have ever had.

First of all, it is all natural. We love that there are no added sugars or any additives.

On Christmas I had the best surprise. Fourteen guests were present. My first course was homemade non-frozen cheese ravioli. My family loves these. We have these on special occasions usually with my homemade gravy. Unfortunately, I was not able to make my own. This Christmas I used your Dell’Amore sauce after tasting a sample at our local Costco and purchasing the sauce.

I opened the jars prior to arrival of our guests so no one would know the sauce was jarred. My guests raved and raved about my sauce asking me what I had done that was different. No one suspected the sauce was not mine. I broke down and said the sauce was Dell’Amore. As hard as it was, I decided to give credit to your company. Everyone was amazed when they heard it was not my own sauce.

Thank you. Thank you for creating a sauce that is better than mine, better than any jarred sauce I have had.

Guess what! Dell’Amore is my new sauce. Sorry grandmom Rita

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