Nancy S (Mamaroneck, NY)

“I just wanted to let someone know that I really enjoy your Marinara Sauce. I was lucky enough to be at Costco a few days ago when it was being given out as one of their sample ‘tastes’. I usually taste, but don’t generally take the item home. This time I did, and, not only have we enjoyed it, but I am going to wrap up a jar of it and put it in a fancy colander with spaghetti and cheese and pot holders and things for a bridal shower. It is also awesome that it is kosher and lower in salt and sugar than most products. Thank you very much for making such a delicious sauce… will make my life easier! It was also nice to meet Pat. You couldn’t have a better representative…….she certainly loves your product, and she’s fun! Sincerely, Nancy S.”

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