Robert Skogsberg (Howell, NJ)

  I have tried almost all of the sauces out there. This one is just the best. We have been buying it for at least 25yrs. When I open a jar pour it into the pot and start to heat it, I just can’t wait.  Just can’t wait, and dip the spoon in. Doesn’t matter – room temp, even cold from the fridge (in the rare chance we actually have leftovers). As the sauce heats I mutter to myself “Damn, that’s good.” We like the Romana with capers and artichokes, and the Sweet Basil & Garlic is great as well. And don’t be timid and only try the Original marinara like most people start with (which is also delicious) – go all the way to the Spicy Recipe! Another thing; if you like to experiment on your own, Dell’Amore makes a great base for your own Vodka Sauce, Amatriciana with bacon and caramelized onions, or whatever you might try on your own.
The service on the phone is personal and caring, thanks greatly to Frank’s (the owner) son  Anthony. You know that things are in good hands with the next generation doing such an exceptional job. I do have one small but important criticism, where I live the products are not in enough stores, more people should be able to buy these wonderful products.

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