Ruth Berkery (New York)

“Over 20 years ago I bought a jar of Dell`Amore Premium Marinara Sauce (Original Recipe) at Cowan & Lobel, a local gourmet store – my husband Jim and I thought it was the best sauce we ever had! I also loved the fact that it had no added sugar (a rare find, indeed) – I was in 7th heaven! Since we used it just about every day, I made sure we had an ample supply on hand.

Upon the closing of Cowan & Lobel, Jim and I said, “Oh no! Now what are we going to do???”. I had a bottle left so I called the 1-800-962-6672 # on the label to inquire if we could have some shipped to our home. I had a delightful conversation with Frank Dell`Amore (one of the owners) and he was happy to take my order for his spectacular sauce. Imagine his surprise when I ordered 5 cases! Since that day we have never run out and we continue to order 5 cases at a time. We still eat it almost every day and upon occasion we give it to close friends as a gift.

I work in a hospital and when I heat up my lunch nurses, doctors, etc. always come into my office to say,”Wow! What smells so good in here? You can cook for me anytime!”. I readily give all the credit to the Dell’Amore marinara sauce. Jim and I are so grateful for this incredible product. We also highly cherish the long-term relationship we’ve had with Frank, whom we consider to be a member of our extended family.”

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