Sandy (Centennial, CO)

“I always tell people I’m the only Italian I know who doesn’t like red sauce, (except for my Moms.) But I love your Dell’ Amore sauce! We were visiting our Aunt and Uncle in San Jose California this past summer and my Aunt made lasagna. I really didn’t think I would like it because it’s hard enough for me to find Italian food I like that is made by Italians much less non-Italians. As it turns out it was a hit with both my family and I. I asked her how she made it and she pulled out a jar of sauce from the cupboard. I was shocked and thought she was joking because it tasted so fresh and good. I couln’t believe such an amazing sauce came out of a jar! I read the label and was very impressed with the natural ingredients. I will be ordering your sauce online until more stores start to carry it here in Colorado and I look forward to trying the different flavors. I look forward to having my family out here try it too. Thank you.”

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