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I just had to tell you that I just tasted your sauce, Dell'Amore Marinara, and I wanted to say how wonderful it is. I love to cook, and I usually always make my own sauce because of the sodium content and everything is so high. You achieved the perfect sodium level with the perfect taste and it is amazing, and I just really wanted to tell you that I love the whole concept. I love the picture on the lid, I love it all. It is a fabulous product, and I just want to say thank you for making it!

Cheryl Schalk-Marietta, GA

Sunday, we were at Costco and met Pat who convinced us to try your sauce.  "I never buy jarred sauce", I said but Pat told us to just give your sauce a chance.  We tried it....We loved it....We bought it!!!! It does not taste like any jarred sauce I have ever had!  Actually......it doesn't taste like it came from a jar at all.  I think that most people would think it is fresh!!! Delicious!!!! Convenient!!!! By the way, Pat is a gem.  She has a great way with people and she was a pleasure to meet.

Janet B. Staten Island, NY

Thank you for sharing your tasty Dellamore tomato sauce with us! My husband and I try to eat as clean and healthy as possible and in order to do so requires a lot of prep work in the kitchen which costs us something precious, our time!  No longer are we taking time to make our own tomato sauce because we've found Dellamore. We have two Costcos equally far from us but we choose to shop at the one in Robinson because of your sauce!  Pat was there the first time we ever tried it and you can tell the love for your product by it's company and its people is cooked into the jar.  Thank you for producing an outstanding product without any unneeded extra ingredients.  Pure, simple, fresh, delicious.  We amore Dellamore!  

Aubrey Johnson- Pittsburgh, PA

First let me say I typically do not buy any sauce/gravy because I find many of the brands I have tried taste sugary or quite frankly taste manufactured. Instead I make my own sauce from scratch with all natural ingredients. On a recent trip to Costco I was approached by Pat who insisted (in a very good way) I try your Dell'Amore Premium Marinara sauce. WOW immediately I could taste the freshness I never imagined would have come from a jar.Of course I had to check the label to see what was in it. All the ingredients I use, nothing more nothing less. Thanks Pat for suggesting I taste the Marinara sauce, I am now hooked on it for life!

Kelly D. – Hillsborough, NJ

I was in Costco in Riverhead, NY. When a vendor named Pat asked me to try your sauce. First, I said no I use Rao. Its imported from Italy. She said just try it. Thank goodness for Pat. Your sauce was much better tasting. I belong to Weight Watchers. So I usually don't eat pasta. But tonight I just put up the water. For some yummy sauce and pasta. I can also have this with vegetables. Its so awesome! I will be sharing my new best find Dell'Amore with my weight watchers group. It's half the price, and made in America!

Suzanne M. – Riverhead, NY

I just wanted to let someone know that I really enjoy your Marinara Sauce.  I was lucky enough to be at Costco a few days ago when it was being given out as one of their sample 'tastes'.  I usually taste, but don't generally take the item home.  This time I did, and, not only have we enjoyed it, but I am going to wrap up a jar of it and put it in a fancy colander with spaghetti and cheese and pot holders and things for a bridal shower.  It is also awesome that it is kosher and lower in salt and sugar than most products. Thank you very much for making such a delicious sauce.....it will make my life easier! It was also nice to meet Pat. You couldn't have a better representative.......she certainly loves your product, and she's fun! Sincerely, Nancy S.

Nancy S- Mamaroneck, NY

My husband and I lived in Switzerland for many years, and after being back in the U.S., only got some REALLY good prepared sauce when we found YOURS!  Before finding your brand, I always made it from scratch, with plum tomatoes, butter, garlic, olive oil, and basil, plus a few other spices. My husband cannot eat onions, so the added advantage to your very fresh tasting sauce, is that it DOESN'T have them.  In Europe, there are lots of options of prepared food WITHOUT onions, but in the U.S., there are hardly any.  Your sauce has made my life MUCH easier.  Please NEVER change it!!  Please NEVER stop making it!!  I use it for pastas, pizza, salad dressing, and for Middle Eastern foods.

P.C. – West Des Moines, Iowa

I'm such a  fan of your basil and garlic sauce ever since I got to try some at a guy's house in Chicago. It was so good, I asked who made it and he pulled out a jar of your stuff, and I wrote down the name and looked it up later. It really reminded me of the gravy my old ma made back in Patterson, NJ when I was a kid; it's been that long I tasted a sauce as good.

Erich W. – Indianapolis, IN

I just want to tell you that I go out of my way  to buy the original pasta sauce.  My family LOVES it!!  My husband doesn’t like to eat onions.  I bought this originally because it was the only one I could find without them.  Now, I’ve found a few other options, but we only like the Dell Amore sauce. My family compliments me every time I serve it.  It’s my secret to a perfect “go to meal”.

Amy C. – Durham, NH

My wife and I were in Costco in Warminster, PA, last weekend with no intention of buying any tomato sauce. After making our own sauce all summer from a bountiful vegetable garden, we couldn't face going back to a commercial sauce. Then we met "Wonder Woman" at Costco who has to be the best company spokesperson you can have. We sampled your Marinara sauce and after hearing all about you and your grandmother, we bought two jars. The fact that it's only 80 calories a serving was a deal clincher.  We just finished dinner and I had to write to tell you how delicious it is. We're looking forward to trying the other varieties.

Bruce F. – Warminster, PA

Dell Amore family jarred pasta sauce is the best! I can say this because I come from a long line of excellent Italian cooks. Problem is these days I don't have time to cook. I have searched a very long time,  trying many brands of pasta sauce that did not meet my standards... until now. The SPICY RECIPE is to die for. Tastes so fresh...like really, really good homemade. It is smooth, not chunky and it has a good amount of kick without the choking effect I get from other brands I've tried. We usually enjoy 2 jars each week. It's incredible how good it is. Last but not least, DellAmore customer service is very consumer friendly and very knowledgeable. Great company wirh a great product. What more can I say?    

Andi–Acworth, Georgia

This has to be better than any sauce I have ever made, bought or ordered out!

Charise M. -Newark, DE

As a registered dietitian in Boston, I can’t sing enough praises about Dell’Amore tomato sauce. “Born in Italy, Made in Vermont,” this premium marinara sauce is as close to homemade Italian “gravy,” as you will get. I was introduced to one of the owners, Frank Dell’ Amore, after I contacted the family-run company to let them know that I loved that their sauce was low in sodium and tasted great. Frank called me back personally to thank me for my feedback. I was so impressed that I decided to visit the Dell’ Amore plant, a mere 250 miles away in Vermont, and blog about it to share my good fortune. But the best part is, YOU don’t have to travel thousands of miles to Italy to enjoy a great tasting marinara sauce- their grandmother, Filomena, already did that leg of the journey for you! Mangia!

Sophia Kamveris, MS, RD, LD Boston, MA

Over 20 years ago I bought a jar of Dell`Amore Premium Marinara Sauce (Original Recipe) at Cowan & Lobel, a local gourmet store - my husband Jim and I thought it was the best sauce we ever had! I also loved the fact that it had no added sugar (a rare find, indeed) - I was in 7th heaven! Since we used it just about every day, I made sure we had an ample supply on hand.

Upon the closing of Cowan & Lobel, Jim and I said, "Oh no! Now what are we going to do???". I had a bottle left so I called the 1-800-962-6672 # on the label to inquire if we could have some shipped to our home. I had a delightful conversation with Frank Dell`Amore (one of the owners) and he was happy to take my order for his spectacular sauce. Imagine his surprise when I ordered 5 cases! Since that day we have never run out and we continue to order 5 cases at a time. We still eat it almost every day and upon occasion we give it  to close friends as a gift.

I work in a hospital and when I heat up my lunch nurses, doctors, etc. always come into my office to say,"Wow! What smells so good in here? You can cook for me anytime!". I readily give all the credit to the Dell'Amore marinara sauce. Jim and I are so grateful for this incredible product. We also highly cherish the long-term relationship we've had with Frank, whom we consider to be a member of our extended family.

Ruth Berkery-Upstate NY

I’m always searching for a better tomato sauce – one that tastes “like Mamma used to make”.  Fortunately I came upon Dell’Amore marinara sauce at a tasting station at our local market. I exclaimed Mamma Mia!!  It is so good, a rich, soft, flavorful sauce blessed with traditional seasonings. I still like to make my own though I know I don’t have to. For me, Dell’Amore will always be there.

Dick DiMaria Harwinton, CT

The best…hide the jar when company comes, and take all the credit.

The Boston Globe Magazine

Best of the Bunch

San Francisco Chronicle

I always tell people I’m the only Italian I know who doesn’t like red sauce, (except for my Moms.) But I love your Dell’ Amore sauce! We were visiting our Aunt and Uncle in San Jose California this past summer and my Aunt made lasagna. I really didn’t think I would like it because it’s hard enough for me to find Italian food I like that is made by Italians much less non-Italians.  As it turns out it was a hit with both my family and I.  I asked her how she made it and she pulled out a jar of sauce from the cupboard.  I was shocked and thought she was joking because it tasted so fresh and good.  I couln’t believe such an amazing sauce came out of a jar!  I read the label and was very impressed with the natural ingredients.  I will be ordering your sauce online until more stores start to carry it here in Colorado and I look forward to trying the different flavors.  I look forward to having my family out here try it too.Thank you.

Sandy Centennial, CO

I first noticed Dell’ Amore pasta sauces in the Philadelphia Italian Market over 30 years ago…and I have been ordering from the company ever since!  This brand is not available in our small town,  but it is worth seeking out!   Dell’Amore  provides excellent customer service, so ordering has always been very efficient.    My teen agers loved these sauces when they were still at home, I sent them cases when they  moved into their first apartments in college, and we have now nourished  8 grandchildren on pasta with Original Dell’Amore Sauce.  Spicy Recipe is our other favorite.  I am an avid cook, but it is wonderful to have a few convenient products that taste so homemade!   I feel that Dell’Amore provides healthy choices, and I appreciate that they are also lower in sodium than other brands.  I like the recipes and the texture of the sauces as well…fresh tasting, not too chunky.  They are also very versatile,  and I often add meats or seafood for variety.  Dell’Amore is the only commercial pasta sauce I will use…it is delicious!

Betty Conyers, Salisbury MD

I wanted to let you no how much my family enjoys your pasta sauce. Especially my grand daughter who is gluten sensitive we tried all different kinds finally we tried yours  my grand daughter loves it she eats out of the jar like salsa n hot over spaghetti  its funny cause I make my own but she will only eat yours dell amore sauce  thank you so much for making such a great product  hope to enjoy your sauce for a long long time Thank you

Phyllis A

As an Italian-American, I do not come from a tradition of using bottled pasta sauce!  Which is why I was overjoyed to find Dell’Amore.  No other sauce on the market even comes close to Dell’Amore for that traditional, homemade taste.

Antonia Rutigliano Nedder

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Since 1895Our grandmother, Filomena, was born December 5, 1895. She grew up in the town of Agropoli, in the Campania region of southern Italy. The photograph of Filomena on our label was taken in 1914, ...

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